Pike County Public Schools

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Pike County Public Schools
2021-2022 School Year Memories
Students in 5th, 8th, 12th Grades

Pike County Schools used InnovateK12 to gather core memories from students exiting grades 5, 8, & 12 to capture the positive experience of Pike County Schools.


We welcome you to share the great stories of the amazing people who work at Pike County Schools. We are proud of our staff and there is nothing they love more than hearing the impact they have made on you in school.


As they wound down the 2021-2022 school year, Pike County Public Schools wanted to honor the experiences of their students by inviting them to share impactful experiences with teachers or staff that motivated them to succeed in school and in life. These stories, totaling over 450 in all, demonstrate the importance of relationships to developing a strong sense of community while also inspiring students long beyond their school years.

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Sharing good stories is essential for educators to see the impact of their work, and for school communities to feel proud of their children and teachers.

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