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Who We Are

A crowdsourcing platform that leverages and optimizes the science of human interaction and innovation to help districts drive more dynamic and effective solutions.

Our company focuses on providing K12 schools a safer, more reliable, and constructive way to collaborate with stakeholders, fostering community-wide participation and engagement, all driving toward tangible results and better outcomes.

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The Problem

Districts are seeking to engage stakeholders, yet they lack a collaborative safe, and inclusive process.

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We believe communities already have their best ideas and most innovative, dynamic solutions, via the collective wisdom of their stakeholders. They just need the right tools to engage them.

Our Method

InnovateK12’s process is dynamic and collaborative, allowing all stakeholders to have a voice.

Our method is based on a two-phased approach, equipping partners with the tools and practices to leverage their communities' collective wisdom, while providing deep yet intuitive data analytics.

Preview of portal elements
Preview of portal elements

Co-creative, co-constructive, and purpose-driven engagement leads to innovative solutions as well as better alignment, due to more directed, structured, and cohesive collaboration.

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Build Trust
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Foster Collaboration
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Attain Deeper Insights
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Cultivate Resilience
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Find Common Ground
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Align Community Goals
The Outcome

Glean key insights through carefully calibrated engagement initiatives  to create a better-shared vision

Featured Projects

Graphic of text that says "ESSR Funds" Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief

Internal Staff Culture and Climate Work

With plans to take a 200+ person staff in a new direction, an organization with new leadership at the helm in a Midwestern metropolitan area sought ways for its remotely located staff to share knowledge and collaborate about growth. An innovative, dynamic knowledge-sharing platform provided the flexibility, creativity, and collaboration they needed to develop thoughtful and strategic employee-centric planning.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Many organizations are hiring staff to direct DEI efforts. As an InnovateK12 partner, organizations can seek out areas of strength within inclusion initiatives. Additionally, InnovateK12’s portal experience allows leadership to provide anonymity to its participants or ask for feedback and/or see the data broken down by demographic or affinity group.

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Company Goal Setting

Goal setting in our workplace is common practice, but in this initiative, the organization wanted the goal and process of creating goals to be done with greater transparency. Using this approach brought people together to highlight shared expectations and also provided some ideas for focus in the coming year. This initiative showed that goals can be team-oriented, individual, process, or outcome-driven as well.

What people are

Headshot of Dr. Samantha Fuhrey

“When our leadership team decided to engage with InnovateK12, the results were incredible. From our administrative assistants, our school nutrition employees, our custodial staff, central office staff... everybody had a say in exactly what they thought would propel us to the next level.”

Dr. Samantha Fuhrey
Superintendent, Newton County Schools, GA

Headshot of Dr. Michael Connor

“When you give students voice and agency to be a part of the design process, it is no longer your traditional bureaucracy.”

Dr. Michael Conner
Superintendent, Middleton Public Schools, CT
Headshot of Dr. Ann Majchrzak

"Online collaboration must be encouraged; because it is more innovative than surveys."

Dr. Ann Majchrzak
Professor of Data Sciences & Operations, USC Marshall School of Business
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Phase One: Consultation
Rooted in our Theory of Practice undergirded by the Science of Effective Community Engagement

We configure and deliver a Challenge Question related to your specific collaborative initiative via our Innovation Portal.

The portal is made available to your key participants within an initiative. The comments (and reactions to comments) provide sought-after information regarding the challenge you are trying to solve.

The collaborations that occur on the platform in response to the Challenge Question are then used to inform the next steps within our final report.

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Phase Two: Initiative Solutions
Deeper yet intuitive data analytics produce deeper insights and innovative solutions.

Our online portal and stakeholder event serves as a conduit for extracting the best solutions from the people closest to the initiative, your participants.

Stakeholders are invited to participate with one or multiple collaborative inputs on the platform over a designated event period (you determine the timeframe).

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Outcomes & Next Steps
Data-driven reports with support

At the end of Phase 2, you receive a data-driven report with recommendations based on ideation and collaboration efforts across all stakeholder groups as well as broken down by individual stakeholder groups driven by your core questions.

How it works

Meet the Team

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Evan St. Lifer

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Jayme Markus
Design Director

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Joey Hailpern

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Conor Howlett
Data Design Intern

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